The Real Art Is To Be Yourself
Ozajstné umenie je byť sebou
Изкуството е да бъдеш изцяло себе си

    About me

    Dimana Ivanova (PhD.) was born in Varna, Republic Bulgaria, in 1979. She earned her Masters in Slavonic philology at the University of Kliment Ochridski in Sofia with a minor in French philology. She has been awarded twice (2002, 2006) with the Grigor Lenkov Prize at the Czech centre in Sofia and once by the Bulgarian Union of translators in Sofia for the best translation of Bulgarian literature into a foreign language for the year of 2017.

    She also received a number of poetry awards (from the Czech-Slovak poetry festival “On the Morava banks”, 3. place in the Czech “Mělnický Pegas“ and other). Her translations have been published in Literary magazine, Panorama, Homo Bohemicus, the Anthology of young Czech authors translated by young Bulgarian translators (2008). She is also the translator of several books from Czech and Slovakian language.

    In 2006, she started her doctoral studies in Comparative literature at the University of Charles in Prague.  She is also an author of a number of critical studies published in Bulgarian, Czech, Serbian, Slovak and Hungarian conference proceedings. Since 2008, she has also been a regular author of the Czech electronic newspaper and since the year of 2008 to the year of 2013 has been a member of the editorial board of newspaper Balgari in Prague. In the year of 2008, she was also awarded a scholarship for a foreign doctoral student in Slovakia and began research at the Slovak Academy of sciences. Her doctoral dissertation is about the comparative aspects of Czech decadent poetry and has been successfully defended in the year of 2011 at the Charles University of Prague.

    She is the author of three poems' books "Invitation for a Father" (Ergo, Sofia, 2012), “Alphabet of the desires” (Sofia, Scalino, 2016) in Bulgarian and “Som ako morská voda“ (Bratislava, Ars poetica, 2018) in Slovak. Her second poetry book “Alphabet of the desires” has been nominated in the list of the National palace of culture in Sofia for the best books for the year 2016. Her poems have been translated and published into English, French, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Turkish and Macedonian languages and published in many journals in Bulgaria (as “Literaturen vestnik”, “Stranica”, “More” and many others) and abroad as the US. literary journal “Tower journal”, Spanish journals as “Purple words” and “Hambre” and Canadian-Romanian review “Destine literare” and many others. She has participated in International poetry festivals as Ars poetica, Pars Poetri in Bratislava, Poetry Nights in Curtea de Arges, Festival of the Centenial nations in Romania, Days of the poetry in the Czech Republic, Feministanbul in Turkey and other. She has been the editor of the Colombian poetry anthology Antologia para la mariposa together with the Colombian poet Robert Max-Steenkist and has herself participated into different poetry anthologies in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Colombia, Honduras, Mongolia, Egypt and other.

    Since the year 2012 till 2017 she has been working as a teacher of French, Arts and culture at High language school in Slovakia and from the year of 2018 till now is working as a teacher of Bulgarian language and literature at the Bulgarian school Boyan Maga in London, UK. She is also a member of the Czech alliance of the journalists, Bulgarian alliance of the translators, poetry movements Poetas del mundo in Latin America and Pars Artem in Slovakia and the Czech-Slovakian Association of comparative literature.


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